8 qualities of High Performing Teams

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro


Do you manage a high performing team? What sets it apart from other teams in your organisation?



There are a variety of factors which contribute to a team that is at the top of its game. Here are eight of the qualities that are common amongst high performing teams;

1)  Everyone is working towards a shared common goal.

2) There are clearly defined roles and responsibilities within the team, which are understood by everyone.

3) There is regular open and honest communication at all levels within the team.

4) Trust and respect for each other are evident.

5) Conflict is surfaced and resolved on a regular basis.

6) People support each other and recognise each other’s strengths

7) No one person in the team is more important than the others.

8) People take ownership and responsibility for their actions and goals.

The cornerstone of developing a high performing team is the level and frequency of communication. People aren’t left in the dark, everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the discussions, and progress is reviewed on a regular basis with the whole team aware of the progress being made.

Too often a manager sees their role as being a solutions provider. Always being the one with the answers prevents the team and individuals from growing and developing their own skill set. The leader of a high performing team helps create the vision and set the direction, but then gets out of the way to allow the team to drive towards the goal. Effective Leaders create the environment to enable people to give of their best.

If you have a team of people with a shared vision and all committed to achieving a common goal, then the leader is in some ways no more important than the rest of the team, as the whole team will drive themselves forward and hold each other to account. The Leader needs to set the example but by empowering the others in the team it will lead to a positive group dynamic which will yield the desired results.

Questions for you to consider:   

How many of the 8 qualities listed above are in place in your team?   

What steps would you need to take to instil this group dynamic with your people?   

What have you done to drive empowerment in your team?   

Who could you ask for help and advice in this area?



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