Going the extra mile

I’ve been coaching someone recently who is arguably the best networker I have ever known. He is brilliant at generating new business and existing clients are incredibly loyal. I was curious as to what he would attribute as the secret of his success.

He told me a story of when he had just landed his first job as a sales consultant in an office stationery business. He took a call from a customer who was desperate for a box of pencil leads and wanted them delivered. The cost of the leads was £1.50 and the customer had called round a number of businesses with no joy, as they were not interested in such a paltry order. Joe told the customer he would be happy to deliver them later that day when he had finished his work in the office.

Joe duly delivered the pencil leads late afternoon as promised and thought no more of it. The following week the client called Joe back and asked him to take over the entire stationery needs for the three branches of his business. Twenty years later the client is still a loyal customer for Joe and is one of Joe’s biggest advocates.

Joe has never fogotten this and uses this story when bringing new people into his business to demonstrate the importance of going the extra mile for an existing or potential client.  For example they sell a number of products and services to students in the city and he urges his staff to treat them as well as they treat their biggest clients, as the students may well become the business leaders of tomorrow. It is this approach and attitude that people pick up on and lead to them doing business with Joe.

This is a lesson we can all learn, and I can think of quite a few businesses I deal with that would benefit from adopting this approach!

When was the last time you went the extra mile for a customer?

Have you got any examples to share of people or companies going the extra mile for you?

Sales Tip #3

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  1. Wayne Slater says:

    Good article, a lot of service in America is based on this and it would be great if we saw more of it in the UK. I was once taught a service lesson: “Do more than what you are paid for and eventually you will be paid more for what you do”

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