Being the Leader others want you to be.

In the view of Toby Helm, the Political Editor of The Observer, the murky events surrounding News International have been good to Ed Miliband, who has been seen to be far moreĀ “relaxed and confident”. Miliband is no longer cautious and ponderous in interviews, instead now he “speaks from the heart with passion and conviction.”

Helm does not appear to be on his own in this view, with Labour MP’s, Political commentators and the public opinion polls echoing this new perception of the “The Ed Miller Band”.

So are we really seeing a new upgraded version of Mr Miliband, or are we now seeing a Leader with a clear vision, goal or set of values that he is committed to sharing with his followers?

Effective Leaders have a clear understanding of the values that are important to them and a vision of where they want to take their organisation. Communicating this vision with passion and conviction is vital in engaging those who will be instrumental in achieving the desired goals. People will not follow and buy into the Leader if they don’t understand what they are trying to achieve, where the journey will take them personally, and how they can play their part on reaching the destination.

David Cameron appears to have suffered in the past few weeks as his vision for the future and the values that drive him have become somewhat clouded by events and his inability to clearly communicate where he stands on the issues surrounding News International.

Too often you find Leaders and their Senior Management Teams lose sight of the end game and the values that are important to them, the people within the organisation and the organisation itself. The message is not communicated effectively and becomes corrupted along the way. The News International crisis is a dramatic example of this with the values in place amongst the Senior Executives seemingly at odds with those of their readers and viewers, which is placing the future of their business in danger.

As a Leader you need to consider what it is your people will want from you. Here are ten suggestions – how many of these do you think you can tick off as achieved?

  • To understand where they fit in to the overall scheme of things
  • To know where they are going
  • They don’t necessarily want to be told what to do in every task they have.
  • To be empowered and to have some input into the decision making process.
  • They want to know what you stand for.
  • To associate themselves with success and a desire to succeed.
  • Clear communication on issues
  • Management teams that are approachable and supportive
  • An organisation they can be proud of
  • To be inspired!

Ed Miliband: Confident, relaxed, passionate.

Which three words would people use to describe you?

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