Your best sales people are your customers

I was in Sports Direct in Liverpool One yesterday waiting to pay for something. They guy in front of me had a small football kit for his young son and he asked the assistant on the counter if she could hold it for him until the next day, as he hadn’t bought enough money with him to buy it there and then.

“Sorry, we don’t hold anything for anybody” came the reply.

The guy explained that he thought he had bought his cards with him, but had unfortunately left them at home, but it was his son’s birthday later in the week and this particular kit was the last one on the racks, which was why he was asking if they could hold it for him until the next day.

“I’ve just told you, we don’t hold anything, you’ll just have to come back”

Ok, Sports Direct might have such a policy, however strange that might be, but did the assistant have to be quite so snotty about it? Would it have hurt to say, I’ll put it behind the counter for you, but I can only hold it until the shop closes tomorrow?

When will some companies learn that their best sales people are their customers? Send them away happy and they will tell all their friends and help drive business to those companies. Give them poor service and they will tell twice as many of their friends!

Have you got any stories to share of customer service – good or bad?

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