Life coach required – any volunteers?

With the news that the nation’s favourite sweetheart is looking for a life coach is life coaching is about to become all the rage in the UK?

Cheryl is said to have sought help from a life coach following her illness with maleria and is reported to have turned to Tony Robbins for guidance. Simon Cowell is apparently in favour as he asserts that everyone in the States has a lifestyle guru to help guide them.

A personal coach can be a great help as coaching can bring about rapid, effective and lasting change to your confidence, motivation, work/life balance and success. I think the interesting aspect of this story is the person who is looking for a coach. The perception you have of Cheryl is that she is a strong, independent and confident individual, but even someone who has enjoyed her level of success still needs someone to bounce off and to give her the space to reflect.

On a related note Tiger Woods has just produced his worst display in a tournament since he turned professional. It’s interesting to note that he doesn’t currently have a coach…….

Perhaps it’s time you followed Cheryl’s lead……

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