Bad news sells?

Paul McCarthy is sports editor at the News of the World and last night he tweeted:

Chris Bascombe has yet another #lfc exclusive that will devastate Liverpool fans and further exposes the unedifying situation at Anfield “

Shortly after Chris Bascombe tweeted:

“If anyone thinks Hicks and Gillett have spent last 4 months trying to sell LFC, think again. They plotted to refinance 290m worth of debt”

and then:

“Americans blocked from trying to refinance debts by the rest of their own board as recently as July. Fight for future of LFC gets messier”

As a Liverpool fan my eye was obviously caught by these tweets, but I was also interested by the pessimistic view taken by Chris over this news. I don’t believe there are many Liverpool fans out there, if any, that trust Messrs Hicks and Gillett, the American owners of LFC, in anything they do. Their actions since taking over the club have long since lost them the goodwill and trust they had when they first took over from David Moores.

It therefore comes as no surprise to hear that Hicks and Gillett have been trying to retain control by renegotiating the loans on the club. Far from being devastating the news that the board has blocked them from doing this is actually good news as it demonstrates who actually has control at Liverpool. To successfully sell the club it needs the Board of Directors to be in charge and able to over rule owners whose interests do not appear to match those of Liverpool and the fans.

When this view was pointed out to Chris on twitter he replied:

The blocking of Americans’ refinance plans is actually reassuring. Suggests balance of power has shifted. Future still uncertain, though.”

From this reply it would appear that Chris initially took a pessimistic view of the information he had discovered, only able to see the dark side of owners still trying, and failing, to retain control of the club. If he had taken a more optimistic view of the situation he could have seen this as great news for Liverpool fans as it suggests that Hiccks and Gillett are edging closer to the exit door, as they no longer have control of the decision making process with other members of the board now voting against them.

The tone of his article would therefore have been vastly different, but then there is also the adage that bad news sells more newspapers…….

Here is the article, so you can judge how different it could have been:

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