We’re all in this together….

Harry Redknapp, commenting on the reaction of Gary Neville when Michael Owen scored the “last minute” winner in the Manchester derby last weekend:

You look at Gary Neville,” said Redknapp ahead of Tottenham’s trip to Preston in the Carling Cup, “a man who has won everything there is to win – championship after championship after championship. The excitement he showed at his team winning and he was only a sub.

“He wasn’t sitting on the bench with his arms folded. He was jumping higher than Fergie when they scored and that’s why they are where they are. That is why they succeed.

“I thought it was amazing to see Neville’s feelings show and the joy he had winning. Can you imagine the dressing room afterwards, even the subs and those who weren’t all come in – brilliant lads!”

Redknapp sees a winning mentality drilled into players at United, something his coaches Tim Sherwood and Les Ferdinand experienced at first hand when the Premier League champions beat Spurs earlier in the season.

“Tim and Les were sat in the stands with the United boys who weren’t subs,” Redknapp said. “They were jumping up and down at every decision and every time they scored. That winning mentality goes right through them.”

Redknapp feels Spurs are on the right track, even if the manager has questioned their attitude in the past;

“I remember losing at Bolton last season, getting beaten and looking at the bench,” Redknapp said. “I think two of them were asleep with hats pulled down and blankets over them.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry to drag you up here, I know it’s cold and you could be home with the missus with a cup of tea. It’s hard for 30 grand a week to watch a game’.”

The question is where and with whom does the team mentality start?

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