When did we learn to stop negotiating?

Conversation with my 8 year old….

“Dad, can we get the new Wii sports resort game?”

“How much is it?”


“£40!! No way, come on we need to get some food from Tesco’s. I’ve got a £6 off voucher if we spend over £60 and we need to stock up on some stuff.”

In Tescos….

“Look Dad, they’ve got Sports resort and it’s only £38!. What does VAT free mean?”

“Looks like they reduce the price by the amount of VAT, so it’ll be about £5 cheaper”

“Oh, so it’s only £33?”

“Yes, I think so”

“So with the £6 off voucher you have, it will only be £27?”


“Well I’ve got £25 saved up, so if you give me this weeks pocket money today, we can buy it can’t we, and we’ll save loads!”

Doh! Out flanked by an 8 year old….

There is so much we can learn from children when it comes to sales techniques…..

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