How many ways are there to expand a business?

Just been sent an e-mail about a website offering coaching qualifications and help in setting up a coaching business. Apparently they can show me 228 ways that a business can expand its revenues and profits…. wow, impressive, and so precise! 228.

The e-mail advises me that to set up a similar business all on my own will cost approx $120,000, but they can supply me with everything I need, including support and guidance, for less than $5000. What’s more I’ll be in profit after two months.

I love sales pitches, there’s a lot to be admired about a well crafted sales pitch, the effort that goes into it and the way desire to buy is built. You just need to remember a few basics, the sales proposal should be based on meeting a customers needs, you should demonstrate honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, empathy and you shouldn’t over egg the pudding!!

Here’s a clip from “Boiler Room” where the lead in the film (who is in sales) is giving some “encouragement” to a cold caller he gets at home…

🙂 enjoy your weekend! I’m off to count up the number of ways you can increase revenues and profits. Target 229……

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