What do you want to achieve this month?

A hot day and a new month. Have you written down what you want to achieve this month, and how you intend to achieve those goals?

A survey in the 60’s at Harvard university asked students about to graduate¬†¬†whether they had goals. Unsurprisingly a large proportion of them did. However when asked how many had actually spent time committing them to paper and putting down a plan to achieve those goals only 2% did. This study was followed up 30 years later to see what had happened to all of these individuals. The results were significant as the 2% were all financially independent and worth more than the other 98% combined.

When you sit down with people in business, at all levels, it is surprising how many pay lip service to the idea of goal setting. Not much point in getting on the bus if you don’t know where it is going!

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