Do you know how good you really are?

On saturday Britain’s Got Talent started again. One of the contestants was Susan Boyle, a 47 year old from Scotland. She arrived with the intention of “rocking the audience”. Watch the video below and look at the reaction of the judges and the audience before she starts singing. 

Her appearance and demanour (and perhaps her age?) have already convinced them that she will be hopeless. Watch what happens when she starts to sing….. (double click to view)

What is interesting is Susan’s reaction after she finishes, as she immediately goes to leave the stage. When she is bought back she appears to be genuinely shocked to hear how much the judges liked her performance, and can’t believe she gets a yes from all 3 judges.

Whilst she acted fairly confident in the interview before starting to perform, deep down she doesn’t really believe in herself. You can tell that from her body language, some of the language she used and the surprise she exhibits when Simon Cowell et al tell her how good she is.

Her ambition is to become a professional singer. She is 47, why hasn’t she achieved it already? It certainly isn’t because of her voice!

The only thing that appears to have held her back is her own belief in her ability. Self doubt holds so many of us back from achieving what we want in life. 

Hopefully it won’t be too late for Susan.

One quotation we should all remember:

“Reach for the moon, because if you don’t make it you’ll land among the stars.”

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  3. admin says:

    The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  4. admin says:

    “Through self-doubt, we lose our sense of self-worth.”

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