Preparation is everything…..

Research has been carried out to find out what are the factors that can affect the outcome of a meeting, particularly in a business situation. The two most important factors identified were:

People want to feel valued

People want to deal with someone who is professional.

So, how can you achieve this?

The start of a meeting is critical, and you can quickly build the other person’s confidence and put them at ease by demonstrating that you have prepared for the meeting. If they know that you have taken the time to do some research on them, or their company, they can be confident they are dealing with a professional. They will also start to feel valued as you have taken the time and trouble to spend time preparing, so the meeting is clearly important to you.

Of course, not doing any research can have a completely different impact….

How not to start an interview

Watch how John’s body language changes completely when the interviewer starts questioning him about American Beauty. She carries on digging a hole for herself by actually doubting his assertion that he ¬†wasn’t in the film!

How well do you think the interview went after that?

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