Encouragement and belief.

Ever been told you can’t do something? That you’re not good enough, that you will never succeed? I can remember a teacher at school telling me I wasn’t bright enough to pass a physics exam. I didn’t enjoy physics but passing that exam meant more to me than the others I passed. 

It’s a fairly common experience to have people trying to put you down. It’s often subtle and unintentional, but it can still eat away at your confidence and belief in yourself. We need to find ways to shut out these voices to enable us to make the best of ourselves.

I’m not suggesting we should all sign up for the X factor and we will succeed if we have enough belief in ourselves, there needs to be sufficient ability in the first place! However, doubt can stop us from even trying in the first place and this doubt can be instilled by what others say to us. We can then reinforce that message by having our inner voice agreeing with them.

Here’s a great example of a Father talking to his son about basketball:

Have you ever found yourself doing what Will Smith initially does with his son? Perhaps with a friend, or a colleague, or someone in your family. 

When was the last time you encouraged someone and told them how good they are?

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