Effective Communication

My son is obsessed with collecting Match Attax and was desperate for the special edition Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard cards. We decided to have a look on ebay and managed to find one of each with auctions ending within an hour. He was over joyed when we won both auctions and we duly paid the required fees.

There were two different sellers and the buying experience for each card now started to change.

The person selling the Gerrard card immediately sent an e-mail confirming the purchase and outlining what would happen next. In the e-mail we were told to expect the card to arrive in 3-4 days and we were given contact details should there be any problems.

The card arrived on the second day, in perfect condition, delighting my son who took it into school to show his friends. 

Meanwhile, we had paid for the Torres card at the same time but had heard nothing from this seller. I wasn’t unduly concerned as I had paid via Paypal, so the payment was covered, but this had no meaning or relevance to a 7 year old.  So, I sent an e-mail to the seller asking them to confirm payment had been received and when we could expect the card to be posted out. No reply.

A week went by, still nothing. I checked the terms and conditions on ebay, which stated that they wouldn’t act until 2 weeks had gone past, so I sent another e-mail, still no reply. Twelve days after the auction had ended I received an e-mail, apologising for the lack of reply and assuring me the card would be with me in a day or so. It arrived 2 days later, in perfect condition. 

The process with the second seller was within the guidelines laid down by Ebay, so there was no cause for complaint, and the seller has provided the service required of them and the product is exactly as described. 

However, the feeling remains that the service provided by the first seller was far superior to the second, and I believe this is due to the level of communication provided. Our expectations were managed far better through effective communication. We knew what to expect and the seller actually managed to exceed our expectations by getting the card to us quicker than we expected.

The way we communicate with our customers can make all the difference in the world to how they feel about us. Manage their expectations through effective and timely communication and they are far more likely to use us again and to recommend us to others. 

The manner of our communication is an indication of the level of our professionalism and how we treat our customers. What we need to remember is that our clients do not know what happens behind the scenes, all they can use to base their opnions on, is the information we supply them with. If we don’t bother to keep them up to date with what is happening, how do you expect them to feel?

By communicating with them at appropriate times with relevant information, we show that we value their custom.

How well and how often do you communicate with your potential clients?

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