40 years ago!!

I was putting my 7 year old son to bed tonight and he is reading a book from school about Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon, and it suddenly struck me it was 40 years ago this year!

I can still remember sitting in the Living room with my Dad watching Armstrong and Aldrin walking on the moon. My most abiding memories of that day in July was it was very early in the morning, my Dad was wearing a white vest, he was drinking a cup of tea and we were sitting together on the couch, and we were both filled with wonderment at what had been achieved and that we were able to watch it happening. It was an amazing experience just watching it and something you can never forget. I’ve since visited the Kennedy Space Centre and saw Neil Armstrong’s space suit, it was surprisingly small!

Of course there is a sizeable section of society that believes the moon landings were faked, and offer various theories to try and prove their case. It’s not that surprising really, whenever someone puts themselves out there, and strives to achieve or break away from the norm, there is always someone there who will want to put you back in your box.

“You can’t do that, that won’t work, that’s not the way you should do that, you’re crazy if you think that” and so on. I’m sure we’ve all heard different versions of the above at times.

Going to the moon 40 years ago is testimony to the fact that we are capable of anything we set our sights on. We can all achieve amazing things if we believe in ourselves and have the determination to see it through. We need to find the strength to ignore the doubting voices, sometimes that isn’t easy.


Landing on the Moon

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