What are the qualities of a good coach?

Was looking at a site (squarewheels.com) today whose author was inviting people to send in some “stupidly simple” coaching ideas. The premise being that many coaching companies like to make a fairly simple process complicated in order to build value in their coaching models.

I find myself agreeing with much of this argument, yes it’s important to listen, yes it’s important to realise what people say often isn’t what they mean and so on; but isn’t the role of a coach to help people understand themselves and the options they have in life/work? We achieve this by asking questions. The more questions we ask, the more the coachee will have to think and come up with answers for themselves.

Is it really that simple?

Anyway, one of the posters came up with a list of 10 qualities that define a “good coach”:

Key descriptors of an IDEAL, SUCCESSFUL coach:

1. Self-Aware – knows their own style/approach well enough to filter their own responses and keep focused on their coachee’s needs.

2. A passion to help others learn, grow, and perform.

3. Competent (versus necessarily expert) on the work content.

4. Exercises and encourages a disciplined approach to the work.

5. Trustworthy – has integrity and can be trusted with the vulnerabilities of the coachee.

6. Motivator/Inspirer – can evoke commitment and energy in others.

7. Persistence – able to persist with questions that move the coachee to discover their own inherent capabilities.

8. Patience. Although closely related to persistence, patience is different in that the coach has to be willing to and has to create the necessary space to let the person being coached develop at his/her capabilities and motivational level.

9. Willing to take a ‘back seat’ on the coachee’s accomplishments.

10. Vision Driven- able to be guided by vision on two levels: the long-term view, based on an assessment of capabilities, of who the coachee can become and the short-term view of the right next steps/challenges to move them forward today.

What do you think?

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